Ciccone Youth- Into the Groovey

The late ’80s Sonic Youth side project, Ciccone Youth, covered Madonna’s Into the Groove, and it’s great.

Considering the band took its name from a mix of Sonic Youth and Mage’s surname, Ciccone, it shouldn’t be surprising they would cover one of her songs, but the results are still jarring and fantastic.

There is absolutely nothing not to love about this ramshackle version of Madonna’s smash-hit. The guitar drones menacingly, the distorted vocals are slurred with apathy, occasionally a soundbite of the original Madonna recording is dropped into the mix and, of course, the song’s chorus is still incredibly infectious.

The only Madonna cover that comes even remotely close to Into the Groovey is The Bird and The Bee’s chiptune-influenced version of Material Girl.