Sweet tune by Ex Hex

Ex Hex releases their self-titled, third album this year, and it rules.

Shockingly, I fully endorse an album of well-made, glossy guitar-driven power pop album.

To me, the standout track on the album is “Hot and Cold”. It is an absolute jam with a great, silly music video.

The title evokes thoughts of Katy Perry, but the guitar riff that pushes the song along strongly resembles the iconic riff from “Sweet Jane” by the Velvet Underground.

It’d be annoying if “Hot and Cold” wasn’t so thoroughly excellent.

Besides, most power pop is derivative nihilism anyway.

It doesn’t matter that the phrase, “Snake-like eyes,” is meaningless but repeatedly sang with contagious venom. It’s a fun word cluster to shout.

Nothing about “Hot and Cold” matter besides the smile it will slap on the face.