Spider Bags- “Quatzalcoatl Love Song”

Winged serpent gods typically do not get a lot of name checks in scuzzy garage rock love songs, but Spider Bags eschew the typical in an awesome fashion.

From the opening lyrics, “When I’m walking on the sidewalk, and I’m chewing lorazepam,” are accompanied by a slinky bass line this song’s charms are pretty evident.Eventually, everything builds to a soaring, accordion backed chorus, and it’s time to hit replay.

5 Songs about Spider-Man


For more than five decades Spider-Man has been a prominent figure in print, film and television. He’s brought joy to millions, and his likeness earns truckloads of money. To paraphrase Jay Z: he’s not just a Spider-Man, he’s a business, man. Spider-Man has also made some notable appearances in music. Everyone’s favorite web slinger may be an unlikely muse, but Spidey has inspired some exceptional, or at least interesting, music.

Disclaimer: The actual Spider-Man musical is still bad.

1. The Ramones- “Spider-Man”: This is a faithful cover of the iconic 1967 Spider-Man cartoon’s theme song. It’s performed with The Ramones’ trademark sneer and relentless speed. It rules.

2. Black Lips- “Spidey’s Curse”: This song from the raucous Atlanta lo-fi rockers draws its inspiration from a dark Spider-Man story about molestation. It’s a perversely funny song and catchy to boot.

3. Los Campesinos!- “Broken Heartbeats Sound Like Break Beats”:  A standout cut from the amazing, unapologetically twee album “Hold On Now Youngster”. The song’s chorus contains an admonishment from the female half of a dysfunctional couple, “You know he’s so much more like Spiderman[sic] than you will ever, ever be.”If high-energy, twee-pop-punk sounds appealing this is worth a listen.

4. Weird Al- “Ode to a Superhero”: This song is a straightforward parody of Billy Joel’s piano man, and it details the plot of the first Spider-Man film. It’s a joke song built around the punchline, “Sling us a web, you’re the Spider-Man.”

5.Wu-Tang Clan- “Protect Ya Neck”: Calling this classic off of “Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers)” a song about Spider-Man might be a stretch, but the song does give him a shout out. Peter Parker is a New York resident, and has probably spent some time in the Shaolin Land.

Five (awesome) songs about heroin

Heroin is a devastating, deadly drug, and addiction to it is usually described as absolutely Hellish. However, it has inspired some great music, and the following are five excellent odes to smack.

1. Velvet Underground- “Heroin”

One of the most frank songs ever written about drugs. The Velvet Underground recorded songs about other topics, but heroin was a notable muse. It alternates from a charging gallop to a spaced out drone, and it contains some awesome spastic guitar freakouts.

2. Iggy Pop- “Lust for Life”

“Lust for Life” was recorded in Berlin with a major assist from Iggy Pop’s former drug mule, David Bowie.

Although it’s now used to hock cruises, “Lust for Life” is one of the biggest, wildest songs recorded by one of rock’n’roll’s wildest personalities. Addiction, euphoria and general debauchery are the song’s principal lyrical themes.

3. Jay Z- “I Know”

Rapping about drugs is nothing new to Shawn Carter, but this is probably his most inventive drug track. It’s a tale of addiction told from heroin’s point of view under the guise of a gentle R&B track.

4. John Lennon- “Cold Turkey”

OK, so technically this is a song about quitting heroin and not the drug itself. Still, it’s one of Lennon’s best solo tracks. Filthy guitar licks and primal shouting always make for an excellent John Lennon track.

5. Spiritualized- “Cop Shoot Cop”

With an opening couplet, “There’s a hole in my arm where the money goes/ Jesus Christ died for nothing I suppose”, the song’s subject matter is laid bare from the beginning. Clocking in at more than 17-minutes long “Cop Shoot Cop” is a shambling musical journey in all the right ways. Of course there are some psychotic breaks from reality completely drowned out in noise along the way, but anyone with some free time should check out this amazing, drug-inspired track.

Dishonorable mention: Guns N Roses- “Mr. Brownstone”

Some of Axl Rose’s least appealing vocals and an opening guitar lick completely derivative of Bo Diddley are just two of the reasons this song is utterly devoid of redemption. Who knew members of GNR did drugs?