Plastic Ono Band- “Well Well Well”

John Lennon is remembered by many as the peace-loving auteur of songs which championed love and social progress. Similar sentiments can be found in his solo-debut “John Lennon/ Plastic Ono Band,” released under the Plastic Ono Band monicker, but they are also accompanied by hard-charging, Rock’n’Roll. “Well Well Well” starts with a Spartan arrangement of swaggering guitar, booming kick drum and vocals that would not be out of placeĀ  in a White Stripes song. The song then saunters on to speedier guitar licks and the sort of throat-shredding screaming which provides all the proof necessary for the catharsis Lennon found in primal therapy before returning to the chords that opened the track.”Well Well Well” is an awesome albeit atypical John Lennon solo-track.